Innovation, technology, quality and environmental responsibility are words that describe well the spirit that drives Zucchi Granite. Growing in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment, has been part of our company’s mission since its very foundation.

Environmental Responsibility

Nature provides us with amazing materials, so it is our duty to treat it with deserved respect. The company’s headquarters are established on a property of 740 acres, out of which 20% are preserved native forest. The remaining area is planted with 200,000 eucalyptus trees which are used as raw material in the fabrication of wooden bundles used to ship slabs overseas.

Another key element of our mission statement is to provide the best quality natural stones in Brazil. In order to achieve this goal, those stones are treated bearing in mind that the end user desires to maintain the original exuberance of its Brazilian granite, but also demands that it is processed with the highest standards available in stone manufacturing to enhance its natural beauty.

Water Management


Zucchi Granite is committed to optimize the use of water at all levels of the industrial process. The ultimate challenge was recently overcome: our gang-saws are run with reused water only. The innovative closed-circuit system, while efficiently serving the purpose of increasing the production capacity, treats and reuses 100% of the water captured.



To ensure an eco-friendly posture, Zucchi Granite has assigned part of its property to store the mud generated by the granite blocks cutting process. Today, we are the sole factory in Brazil to have been granted with a license for operation to manage the waste of natural stone industrial process issued by the state bureau for the environment (IEMA), the principal environment agency of the State for environment preservation,

This certificate acknowledges and confirms that it is possible to produce the best Brazilian granites, with the highest quality standards, and be a sustainable company at the same time, thus preserving our Planet for future generations.

Vacuum Resin System


Slabs treated by the Vacuum Resin System show intensified polish and even the tiniest pores are filled up, helping to create a sleek and moisture proof surface, ideal to be used in floor covering, wall cladding, kitchen and decorative countertops.

Zucchi Granite has therefore heavily invested in the setting-up of complete and sophisticated vacuum resin-treatment plants by Breton, to bring the best out of its stones. This unique system enables the epoxy resin to penetrate the slabs thoroughly, thus sensibly upgrading their quality, increasing their resistance to breaking and impact and providing sophisticated finishing.

The end product delivered by Zucchi Granite is a hardened and safe, water-repellent, germ-free stone, with enhanced shine and vibrant color, primed to adorn any space with exuberance and luxury.